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March 4, 2014, 4:00 pm


Natasha Watterson

Natasha Watterson

Perhaps you’ve heard about them already, a new trend in hairstyling called “Sisterlocks.”

Like the name, they resemble traditional dreadlocks. But upon closer inspection, you realize… they’re different.

What you do know, for sure, is that a lot of people seem to be opting for Sisterlocks, particularly women who prefer to wear their hair natural.

And that’s because Sisterlocks provide the ease of maintenance that goes with dreadlocks, along with the styling versatility of permed hair.

They’re dreadlocks reimagined: dreadlocks’ skinnier, more nimble (and some say “cuter”) cousin.

Founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, Sisterlocks are created using a trademarked technique: a precision-parting grid and a special tool that place the hair into its locking formation.

Because of this technique, Sisterlock installations can be performed on all grades of hair– coarse, curly or bone straight. However, all stylists who use the technique must be trained.

For this reason, it can be a little challenging finding a professional salon that knows how to install Sisterlocks.

But count yourself lucky Brooklyn Readers, because there is a studio that does Sisterlocks right in Bed-Stuy!

In this video, Natasha Watterson, owner of Vanity Hair Salon, located at 325 Nostrand Avenue in Bed-Stuy, tells us why she decided to get trained in Sisterlocks installation and what clients can expect from the hairstyle.



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