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March 4, 2014, 10:58 am

Actresses Teyonah Parris, YaYa Alafia and Lupita Nyongo all wear their hair natural!

Actresses Teyonah Parris, YaYa Alafia and Lupita Nyongo all wear their hair natural!

Have you ever noticed that lately, when a black woman is about to “go natural,” it becomes a public service announcement?

Whether unfolding their journey on YouTube, Facebook or even the New York Times, women have been documenting their journey for the world to see. And how many times have you heard someone discuss their “natural hair birthday?”

In the words of famous radio disc jockey Ed Lover- C’mon son!!

Truth be told ladies, when it comes to going natural… what’s the big deal, right?

In the 60’s, reverting our hair back to its natural state was tied to a social cause: The Civil Rights Movement.  Back then, our brothers and sisters simply stopped conking and hot combing their hair and began echoing the words of James Brown, “Say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud!”

Today, being a naturalista appears to be tied to being an elitist, or subscribing to a culture of feminists promoting minimalism. Oftentimes, being part of “Team Natural” versus ‘Team Weave” is likened to being good, healthy and one with the land, versus being snobbish, materialistic and vain.


And although the move to wearing your hair natural shouldn’t be made into a big deal, the truth is, there is an aspect to going natural this is in fact, a pretty big deal: the maintenance.

With natural hair, not only do you need to find a stylist that is willing to maintain your natural look, you may have to contend with societal pressures of going against the grain. Natural hair comes at a monetary and social cost.

Natural Hair Image from Vanity Hair Studio NYC

Natural Hair Image from Vanity Hair Studio NYC

It takes more money and time to maintain a natural ‘do.  Unless you have a grade of hair that is “wash and go,” the initial steps to “going natural” involves, cutting split ends (which women hold on to with dear life), getting repair treatments, and using products to moisten your mane that now will become dry much faster.

Remember ladies, using extensions and applying relaxers to our hair masks the flaws.

Undoubtedly, going natural takes on a life form of its own. But with research, feedback from your loved ones and a close assessment of your lifestyle, only you can determine if it is well worth it.


Natasha Watterson

Salon Owner / Stylist


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5 Responses

  1. Darlyn Dyson

    Sorry, I don’t agree that it takes more money to be natural. Since I am natural, I do not have to depend on a stylist to do my hair.

    Also, there are a lot of naturals that do not do wash and gos like myself. I do twistouts because it helps with retaining my length. Also, I have never had any issues with my hair being dry nor have I had any social issues.

    Before you’d written an article like this, you should have done your research.

    Just because you think that going natural may be a trend like thing, it’s not true for everyone.

    • Natasha Watterson

      Hi Darlyn
      Thank you for responding. I think responses create a wealth of knowledge that everyone can benefit from. But like everything else in the world, there is always a “perspective” and I use this platform to express it. As a licensed cosmetologist of thirteen years, a salon owner, and an African American woman who has been natural for over a decade, I think that will more than qualify as research. However I do agree with you that everyone does not require a stylist!

      The goal of the article was not to alienate anyone. It was a light hearted attempt to discuss an area within the African American community that has been identified as challenging. I give an unfiltered objective perspective. I apologize if you felt offended by my truth.

      • Darlyn Dyson

        Hi again, Natasha. There was no offense taken at all.

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    • Natasha Watterson

      Hi Amused
      Thank you for reading (fellow virgo)!. I visited your blog. I will be sure to follow your posts. Good stuff!!


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