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December 15, 2013, 11:50 pm


Work continues on Nostrand Avenue Project

Work continues on Nostrand Avenue Project

Work Continues on the Nostrand Avenue Project, running from Flushing Avenue to Atlantic Avenue.

After a grueling summer for motorist convinced that the road had been hijacked straight out of a third-world country, pavement finally was laid from Dekalb Avenue to Clifton Place, offering a whopping four-block reprieve.

But there’s still six months remaining before the projects planned completion, summer 2014.

Construction goals have included:

  • Distribution of water main and combined sewer replacement
  • New pavement, curbs and sidewalks
  • New catch basins, chute connections, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, manholes, and fire hydrants
  • New street lighting and traffic signs
  • New trees, installation of a bioswale, bus pads and neckdowns


Work Completed/In Progress for September/October 2013: The installation of the water main, curbs/sidewalks/roadway, the SBS Bus bulbs and sewer.

Work Scheduled/In Progress for November/December 2013: The installation of the water main, asphalt roadway pavement and sewer.

For more information and to follow the progress of the reconstruction of Nostrand AVenue (Project ID: HWK1129), visit the New York City Design and Construction website.

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