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June 23, 2014, 7:10 am

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BMC Co-op meeting

BMC Co-op meeting

Dear Food-Justice-for-All Readers:

I have been a member of the Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) for the past year and am very excited about the work towards creating a much needed food co-op here in Central Brooklyn.

It should be noted that this work builds on the tremendous footsteps of organizations like the East and the food coop that they organized here before.  As we know, Central Brooklyn has a long history of tremendous cultural work, resistance and organizing, inspiring people from all over the country and world.

For this month’s post, I’d like to share an update about the great work happening via a comrade and fellow BMC member, Rae Gomes, about her experience organizing with BMC around this exciting new food co-op.


“What’s in a Name?” 

Guest Food Justice post by Rae Gomes, Brooklyn Movement Center member

BMC Co-op Meeting

BMC Co-op Meeting

After a passionate debate a few days before the official vote to decide the food co-op model for our neighborhood, members of the Brooklyn Movement Center stood thoughtfully around a sheet of paper titled, “Suggestions for Name.”  Few members took turns writing their ideas down, lingering around the warm room in a historic brownstone mansion, explaining what their name meant and why they thought it amply defined the efforts of the group so far, and expressed their hope for what a co-op in central Brooklyn would look like.

BMC Food Co-op NotesAlmost a year of organizing, meeting and discussing has led up to this moment. The vote was caste by a total of 17 dues-paying members of the community based organization, lovingly referred to as BMC and was split 10-7 in favor of a member-only model.  We were mothers, grandmothers, fathers, community organizers, long-time residents, self-identified gentrifiers, immigrants, Brooklynites, recent graduates and many other identities that made urgent our reasons for contributing to this effort.

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  1. James Forsyth

    Take a quick visit to the Flatbush Coop on Cortelyou Rd. It is open to the public, which adds to profit and operating income, and gives a discount to members. Very efficiently run with a great selection. Also, there is good street parking.


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